Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arts Board Grant and season tickets

Good news! We have received a $2,000 grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board.
The grant money will allow us to present "River Critters" free of charge to several schools in southwest Wisconsin. Letters to schools will go out soon.
And while we pay ourselves to present those free school shows, we'll stash that money away to use as seed money for next year's Pup-A-Foo-Glee.

AND, at a recent board meeting, John Audenby suggested that we offer season tickets. And we will! We will try to make them available in time for our Halloween and Christmas shows so that people can snap them up for Christmas presents. The tickets will offer a dollar off per show -- a pretty good savings, we think, in these tough economic times. Of course, we think we are still a darn good entertainment bargain.
Now, we have to get moving and plan for our 2013 season.

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