Monday, March 7, 2011

Good show and a documentary

We rocked the room Saturday March 5 at the Dubuque Museum of Art!
They loved "River Critters" --- all 123 of the kids and grownups who crammed into the lobby for the free show, sponsored by a grant from Alliant Energy.
Yay! They want us back next year, too.

Did we tell you that two Loras College students made a documentary about us?
If you attended the first Christmas show in December, you might have been interviewed by Felicia Carner or Katie Keyes for a project for their filmmaking class with Craig Schaefer. Not only did they get an A in the class (!) but they created an absolutely wonderful 10-minute documentary, "The Puppet People," that has been accepted at a film festival in Cedar Rapids!
We have made copies of the DVD and plan to make it available at local libraries. If you want to borrow it, please contact us. We are so thrilled with it. It's absolutely delightful.

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