Saturday, October 30, 2010

Puppet Playwriting Contest Guidelines

Would your kids like to see their own stories come to life on the puppet stage?

We have just mailed out flyers to 70 public and parochial schools in the tri-state area to tell teachers about our


Tri-state area children in grades 3-6 are eligible to enter the Fever River Puppeteers 6th annual Puppet Playwriting Contest.

The deadline for entries is Monday, Feb. 28, 2011.

Kids can send original stories suitable for the puppet stage to: Puppet Playwriting Contest, c/o 362 E. Main St., Benton, WI 53803 or emailed to Winning entries will be performed Saturday, June 4, during the Day of Puppetry at the Hazel Green Opera House.

Each entry must include:

Name, age, address and phone number

Grade in school, name of school.

Winners will be asked to supply a headshot (school picture) to be used for publicity.

Be original. Use your imagination (not Sponge Bob's or Disney's). You can, however, use our characters:

Bossy, Witch Hazel, Farmer Boy, Pig, Goose, etc.

We will figure out whether the winning shows will be done as a marionette show or handpuppet show.

Don't worry -- we have lots of princesses and puppets who came become someone else with a costume change. Try not to have too many characters on stage at the same time. We only have 2 hands!

Don't just write dialogue. Puppets must move. Have them do interesting things. Tell us what the scenery looks like -- are they in the ocean or in outer space or in a forest?

If you have any questions, send us an email at or call 608-759-4425.

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