Sunday, May 9, 2010

We have winners!

At long last we are announcing the winners of this year's Puppet Playwriting Contest.

We are hard at work turning the stories the children wrote into a puppet play that will be performed part of the 2nd annual Day of Puppetry, Saturday, June 5, at the Hazel Green Opera House, 2130 Main St.

The children and their prize-winning stories are:

“The Three Little Kittens and the Big, Bad Dog,” by MiKenzie Kilburg, third grade, St. Joseph School, Bellevue, Iowa.

“The Life of a Cowboy,” by Jeb Schwager, third grade, St. Joseph School, Bellevue.

“Michael and Fluffel-Land,” by Sachi Biehl, fourth grade, Cassville (Wis.) Elementary School.


The contest is sponsored in part by a grant from the Grant County Safe & Stable Families.

The performance of the children’s stories will be at about 3:15 p.m. (at this point, the time is subject to change), at the end of a fabulous day of puppet performances, a workshop and parade.

More pictures and an update of this fantabulous Day of Puppetry to come!

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