Monday, November 16, 2009

Puppet Getaway

Puppeteer friends: And the hobby horse could yodel!!

Last weekend, we had our favorite annual puppet getaway: The Great Lakes Region (of the Puppeteers of America)'s annual "potlatch" --- a sharing, like a potluck -- at Pokagon State Park in Angola, Ind. It's at the Potawatomie Resort within the state park. (See lovely sunset against the bare branches above.)
Puppeteers gather from all over the region: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as a few from other states and even Ontario. There were about 100 people.
This is Chuck's 4th and last year as director of the region, so he is in charge of this mini festival. As a potlatch, puppeteers are not paid but agree to share their performances and knowledge (through workshops). We performed our "Bunny Cotton-Tail" show and Sandye did a short workshop on writing press releases for the changing newspaper scene.
We had a wonderful time reconnecting with puppet friends, including Joan McCarthy, of Madison, Wis., who came with her husband, John.
The lodge is on a lake in the woods. We added an extra day to our long weekend this year in order to enjoy walks in the woods (it was 60 degrees!) AND the indoor pool, which, of course, makes it perfect for Chuck. Sandye likes looking for bargains at the puppet flea market.
Then it was back to Benton to begin work on our brand new Christmas show!

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