Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas update

Here we are walking in the recent Hazel Green Christmas Walk parade. That's Chuck, with the body-sized W.P. Guildersleeve puppet. Guildersleeve, who looks rather candy cane-ish, gave out candy canes to the kids (most of whom were huddled in cars for warmth). That's me, Sandye, inside the walking nativity scene. I adapted my regular walking stage, turning the cardboard box house into the stable in Bethlehem. It fits over my head and I look out of a couple of mesh holes. I screwed in pieces of foam-core all around the edges to accommodate the handpuppet cast of our first nativity show --- I believe I made them for our Sunday School kids to perform with many years ago. I wore the Mary and Joseph puppets on my hands over my gloves.
It was a really nasty cold day and I bundled up so effectively that underneath the stable, my glasses were fogging up!
The parade didn't draw a lot of participants or viewers. It would be neat if we could get some folks in Hazel Green to make some parade puppets to add to the mix next year.  A giant Santa and Mrs. Claus would be cool, maybe a couple of elves.....

There's one more chance to see this year's Christmas production, "It Came to Pass." Audiences -- many first-timers at the opera house -- have been very enthusiastic. The final show will be at 2 p.m. Monday, Dec. 29. The performance that falls in between the holidays usually gets pretty good attendance. We know people are always looking for some fun activities for kids when they are off of school. 
Even if you have seen "It Came to Pass" in previous years,  we think you'll enjoy this version. We've added some secret special effects that you won't want to miss, as well as some original music written by our daughter Katie. 
Merry Christmas, to all!

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