Saturday, April 26, 2008

National Day of Puppetry Celebrated

A small, but enthusiastic group of young puppeteers gathered at the opera house Saturday, April 26, to celebrate the National Day of Puppetry. We made paper cup penguin marionettes based on a design by Twin Cities puppeteer Kurt Hunter, as well as pirate shadow puppets.
The puppetmaking session was free. Puppeteers all over America get together on a Saturday in April to offer free workshops and other events in order to spread the Joy of Puppetry! 

Last Saturday, a dozen Girl Scouts from East Dubuque, Ill., came to the opera house to do their own day of puppetry. They built scarf marionettes in preparation for a show for their end-of-year banquet. Scouts can do badgework by building and learning about puppets. The Scouts -- and the Day of Puppetry participants -- also enjoyed a backstage tour of the Fever River Puppeteers' marionette stage.

Keep checking this blog for future workshops. Or contact us to set up a special event for your group. We can host birthday parties, too. And, maybe even sleepovers with the puppets! 

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