Sunday, February 24, 2008

Puppets at Stone House Gallery, Galena

Fever River Puppets on Display at Stone House Gallery in Galena, Illinois
     Owners of the Stone House Gallery, Charles and Sandra Fach, in Galena, invited The Fever River Puppeteers to display their puppets at the gallery until May 1.  There are four small groups of puppets that include "The Three Bears & Goldilocks", "Mr. & Mrs. Cottontail and Family", Suzy Snow Flake & Children" and "Witch Hazel Green with son Franky & Scarecrow Sally"  The gallery is located at 418 Spring Street (along US 20) west of the Galena River.  Call ahead to view the marionettes and see how they are made including how a marionette control works (815-777-0354).


kt said...

wow, looks cool, awesome. Totally radical.

kt said...

Aaauhhh, I love the three bears story. And Goldie is super cute!!!